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What are the advantages of waterborne epoxy resin

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What are the advantages of waterborne epoxy resin

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Water-based Epoxy Re is refers to the epoxy resin in the form of particles or droplets dispersed in continuous phase dispersion in water medium and worthy of the stability of the dispersion system. Because epoxy resin is linear structure of thermosetting resins, waterborne epoxy curing agent must be added before the construction, issued by crosslinking biochemistry reaction at room temperature environment, the cured epoxy resin was changed the nature of the soluble fusible into insoluble by not melt spatial reticulated structure, shows excellent performance. Waterborne epoxy resin coatings not only has the many advantages of solvent epoxy coatings:


It is adaptable, to many substrate has a very high adhesion, after curing coating corrosion resistance and chemical resistance is excellent, and coating closed reduction, high hardness, good wear resistance and electrical insulation performance, etc.;

2 it is environmental protection performance is good, also has does not contain organic solvent or volatile organic compounds content is low, does not cause air pollution, and thus meet the requirements of the current environmental protection;

Three is a real water, in the water as disperse medium, the price is low, no smell, non-combustible, storage, transportation and also greatly improve the security in the use process;

Four is operational, construction of waterborne epoxy resin coatings operating performance is good, construction tool can directly with water washing, can be solidified at room temperature and damp environment, reasonable, curing time, and to ensure a high degree of crosslinking density. This is usually the water-borne acrylic coatings and water-borne polyurethane coatings are incomparable. Waterborne epoxy resin with its outstanding performance advantages, make preparation of waterborne epoxy resin coatings is also has excellent performance, thus more and more important status in water product family, experts think the waterborne epoxy resin in the environmental protection today, prospect is very broad.

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