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What are the application of enzymes in pulping and papermaking

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What are the application of enzymes in pulping and papermaking

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Application of enzymes in pulping and papermaking

Bleaching to promote

To promote the sulfate pulp with xylanase ECF and TCF bleaching, can save bleaching agent and/or improve whiteness after pulp bleaching.

Fiber modification and deinking

Amylase and cellulase used in fiber modification and deinking, can contribute to increased ink removal, deinked pulp whiteness; Improve drainability and softness of toilet paper.

Lignin modification/waste water treatment

Laccase used for lignin modification and wastewater treatment, can improve the wet strength and reduce the waste water containing mechanical pulp slurry chroma and BOD/COD values.

Hydrogen peroxide control

Catalase can monitor and optimize the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching. After the bleaching, join the residual hydrogen peroxide catalase biodegradable.

Pitch control

Using mechanical pulp papermaking process, lipase for pitch control can improve the paper strength, reduce paper disease, to shorten downtime and reduce paper blanket and roller washing time, thus improve the paper quality and improving the production economic benefits.

Starch modification

Amylase makes the paper factory can be modified at the scene of the original starch adhesive used in coating, is to purchase goods directly modified starch, it is more economical and practical.

Enzyme of pulping and papermaking industry market prospect

Amylase: using amylase of pulping and papermaking industry output value over 45 million in 2016, the main is widely used in card board paper deinking in the process of production, coating, cleaning and drainage, etc. At the same time, the printing industry demand for paper smoothness is also increased amylase of market demand.

Cellulase: cellulase production industry will exceed 3500 tons in 2024, cellulose enzyme is widely applied in optimization of fiber, help improve the machine performance, reduce the operation risk. With the application of cellulase, the use of alkali kind of chemicals will reduce gradually.

Lipase lipase: by 2024, the market will grow by 6%. Lipase main widely used in degreasing part in sulfite pulping, by removing the pulp of the resin, weakened by resin deposition on the quality of the paper.

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